Tenere Crash - Hill Climb FAIL!

A short video of my fail on a steep, rocky climb at our local OHV area. The run-up to the hill is rough, rocky, and loose. There are a few small rock ledges before the main rock ledge section. The rock is off-camber to the right and it's always trying to pull you in that direction. Because that side is lower, water from spring snowmelt and rain have eroded that side. There are a few verticle sections with pools/pockets at the base. The deepest is about 3ft.

This was the first time I've cleaned the ledges and gotten past the 3ft hole. I got too far right and ended up in the erosion path, hit one of the steeper sections, and stalled the bike. The front end started to come up as I rolled back down and my right leg was caught between the berm on the right and Mosko Reckless 10 pack I had on the back. I couldn't slide back to get off the bike and to my surprise, it just kept coming back.

Minor bike damage: cracked right fairing (was previously cracked in another spot) and bent crash bars. The brand of bars wouldn't have made any difference in this situation, they did their job and likely saved the radiator from being crushed.