Grizzly Bear on Koko Claim - T7s and 890-ADV Rally

Crossing Creek FSR (aka Koko Claim) is a snotty, rocky two-track that gains a lot of elevation quickly. The track is covered with loose rock and ledges toward the top... it's a grind, to say the least.

We rode it last year in the fall when it was much cooler. It was 38C (101F) this time and the heat was kicking our butts. About 1/2 way to the summit, a yearling grizzly cub popped out on the trail in front of me. The mother wouldn't have been far away so we turned around and headed back down. I had stopped in Elkford to buy bear spray an hour before this. Bear spray can be effective but I'd rather not rely on it if possible.

We'll try it again in the fall when the temps drop a bit.

In every video, someone asks about tires so here it is:

Boe - 2021 KTM 890ADV-R Rally, TKC80s

Jaden - 2021 Yamaha 700 Tenere, Shinko 216 MX rear, Dunlop 606 front

Cory - 2021 Yamaha 700 Tenere, Shinko 216 MX rear, Golden 723R front