Ducati Dirty Dozen - Episode 2 (Day 3)

Ducati Dirty Dozen - Episode 2 (Day 3)

Day 3 of our ride on the Ducati Dirty Dozen challenge. We intentionally skipped over day two.

On day 3, we rode 7 peaks:

-Stony Pass 12,592ft (3,838m)
-Cinnamon Pass 12,620ft (3847m)
-California Pass 12,960ft (3950m)
-Hurricane Pass 12,730ft (3880m)
-Corkscrew Pass 12,244ft (3732m)
-Imogene Pass 13,114 (3997m)
-Ophir Pass 11,814ft (3601m) Optional, not officially part of the challenge

I got our first (and only) flat tire of the trip. Yes, I have tubes in my tubeless rims. Seating a tubeless tire on a wide rim can be nearly impossible with a small pump while on trail. The DX rims are very wide and with certain tires, we've even had a tough time seating them in the shop with a 5hp air compressor.


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