• Pre-Sale for the Africa Twin ATR Camel Tank is up!

    Posted on May 16 2017

    I'm very happy to announce the pre-sale for our new Africa Twin fuel tank is up! Order before Saturday May 20th and save $50 off the regular price. We are...

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  • Modifying Touratech crash bars for use with our high fender kit.

    Posted on April 25 2017

    A customer gave us a heads up about a conflict with the Touratech crash bars and our high fender kit. The two can work together but some trimming is required...

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  • Big bikes in Moab, Utah

    Posted on April 23 2017

    I recently found an SD card that had video from a bike trip to Moab, Utah last year. A friend on his KTM 990 Baja, another on his KTM 300XC-W...

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  • 2017 Desert 100 Race

    Posted on April 09 2017

    My favourite day of the year isn't Christmas, it isn't New Year's, St Patrick's Day or even my birthday. No, without a doubt, my favourite day of the year is...

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  • Africa Twin high fender kits now in customer's hands!

    Posted on March 22 2017

    Our pre-sale AT high fender kits shipped last week and are now starting to be installed by customers. Terry in Australia sent us a few pics of his Africa Twin...

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  • Oh no! BMW F800gs CT-V2 out of stock!

    Posted on March 11 2017

    Typically February is one of our slowest sales months of the year. However, this February was our BEST month since we opened in Sept 2013! The CT-V2 Camel Tank has...

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  • Africa Twin High Fender Kit UPDATE

    Posted on January 30 2017

    We know many of you have been patiently waiting for more info on our high fender kit for the Honda Africa Twin. All of the parts are in production and...

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  • A long over due induction video for Camel ADV and owner Cory Hanson

    Posted on January 18 2017

    One of the most common question I get asked is how Camel ADV/Camel Tank started. I should have done an intro video a long time ago... better late than never!...

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  • Sneak Peek! Africa Twin Camel Tank ATR

    Posted on January 03 2017

    Here's a sneak peak at out new Camel Tank for use with the Honda Africa Twin/CRF1000L! Currently, we have the Camel Tank "ATX" kit for the Africa Twin but it...

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  • Africa Twin CRF1000L High Fender Kit

    Posted on December 04 2016

    I'm very happy to reveal our first non fuel tank related product! At the end of October, I *attempted* to race our Africa Twin at the 24hrs of Starvation Ridge....

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  • Thanks to all of our Black Friday/Cyber Monday customers!

    Posted on November 29 2016

    We had a very successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! Thank you to everyone the participated. We are processing orders and building kits now and should have everyone's Camel Tanks out...

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  • Our Black Friday Sale continuing though Cyber Monday!

    Posted on November 26 2016

    We've decided to keep out 25% off sale going right through the weekend and into Cyber Monday! You have 4 days to get your hands on a Camel Tank kit...

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  • Black Friday Sale

    Posted on November 26 2016

    This year for our Black Friday sale we're offering 25% off all Camel Tank kits! This is our lowest price ever! Quantities are limited, don't miss out!  

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  • Yamaha WR250R/X and R1200GS LC tank presales!

    Posted on August 23 2016

    We are very happy to announce the pre-sale of two new Camel Tank kits! Our CT-WRR kit adds a whooping 75% to the range of your Yamaha WR250R or X! it can be...

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  • Camel Tank interview on Adventure Rider Radio!

    Posted on August 12 2016

    We recently did an interview with Adventure Rider Radio. The episode was about carrying water, oil and fuel on your ADV bike for extended travel. The episode also featured Sam Manicom, Graham...

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  • HUMM (Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness) - Panorama, BC

    Posted on July 20 2016

    We're headed to Panorama, BC for North America's first HUMM (Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness) navigation rally July 22-24! For several years HUMM events have been held in Europe and Africa....

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  • New Exclusive Dealer in South Africa - Flying Brick

    Posted on July 19 2016

    We are happy to add Flying Brick Motorcycle Accessories as our exclusive Camel Tank dealer in South Africa! Located in Cape Town, Chris and his team have been trading for...

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  • Touratech Rally West 2016

    Posted on June 21 2016

    The Camel Crew is headed to Plain, Washington this week for the 6th Annual Touratech Rally West! This will be our 3rd year there and it's definitely one of favorites!...

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  • Africa Twin - Upcoming Camel Tank

    Posted on June 18 2016

    We have finally received our 2016 Honda Africa Twin/CRF1000L! After having a deposit on this mythical beast for over a year, we were able to pick it up last week....

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  • Yamaha WR250R/X Camel Tank

    Posted on June 17 2016

    Testing of our 6 liter WR250R/X Camel Tank kit continues. The tank itself is working well and getting good reviews from our beta testers. We did run into a small...

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  • Camel Tank Durability Demonstration

    Posted on June 09 2016

    Wondering if a Camel Tank is up to the rigors of off-road riding? Watch and find out!

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  • Camel Tank Give-Away!

    Posted on May 30 2016

    We've just had our 3 year anniversary and to celebrate and thank you all for your support we are doing a huge Camel Tank give away! Every Monday for the...

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  • OAA- Offroad Adventure Academy

    Posted on May 25 2016

    We're happy to announce a partnership with OAA Offroad ADVenture Academy. OAA is well known for their high quality rider training programs and adventure tours! Do you want a guided...

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  • Yamaha Super Tenere Camel Tank

    Posted on April 26 2016

    We currently have several new Camel Tank projects on the go in the shop. One we are very excited about is the kit for the Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere. There...

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  • New dealer: Sierra BMW in Sparks, Nevada!

    Posted on April 24 2016

    We are very happy to announce Sierra BMW in Sparks, Nevada as our newest Camel Tank dealer! Sierra BMW is a top rated dealer for customer service we're proud to...

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  • Honda CRF250L Camel Tank kit

    Posted on April 18 2016

    COMING SOON: Camel Tank kit for the Honda CRF250L. Add 6 extra liters (1.58gal) to your CRF's stock fuel capacity for an impressive total of 13.7L (3.6gal)! With 80% more...

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  • Black Friday Sale!

    Posted on November 26 2015

    It's that time of year again! Camel Tank is having a Black Friday sale, and we're extending it for two entire days. This Friday and Saturday (November 27th and 28th)...

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  • New Dealer: Rottweiler Performance!

    Posted on November 24 2015

    We are happy to announce that Rottweiler Performance in Costa Mesa, CA will be be carrying our KTM 1190 Camel Tanks.  Best known for their high quality air intake systems, Rottweiler serves...

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  • KTM 1190 Camel Tank pre-sale was a huge success!

    Posted on September 27 2015

    The pre-sale is done and was a great success! All pre-sale tanks have shipped and we are waiting the arrival of the regular stock. The Camel Tank for the KTM...

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  • KTM 1190 Camel Tank Pre-sale is on the way!

    Posted on August 16 2015

    I’m sure most of you have noticed the project has taken a bit longer than planned. Unfortunately there was an issue with the mold and a decision had to be...

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  • KTM 1190 Camel Tank on it's way!

    Posted on May 15 2015

    Need more range from your KTM 1050, 1190 or 1290 Adventure? Whether you need more fuel so you can Iron-Butt it to your next destination, explore that intriguing backroad or...

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  • Price Drop!

    Posted on March 09 2015

    Exciting news! You can now buy your Camel Tank for just $399, the new price to celebrate the start of a great season. Also, while shipping on tanks is $25...

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  • Camel Tank in the wild

    Posted on November 07 2014

    Check out this photo of the Camel Tank from Lance, who said "The bike and the camel took a beating this weekend. Both came up smiling but very muddy!"  ...

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  • Lockhart Basin, Utah Backcountry Discovery Route

    Posted on October 26 2014

    I cannot believe it is almost November! Where I live, the snow is just about here, which makes me really think it is time to start heading South. For those...

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  • 2014 BMW GS Trophy has begun!

    Posted on September 07 2014

    The GS Trophy has officially begun, starting out yesterday with all of the teams arriving, setting up camp, filling out paperwork, and being welcomed with a 'White Hat' ceremony. There...

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  • 2014 GS Trophy is coming!

    Posted on August 26 2014

    The GS Trophy is coming up fast, starting on September 6th with forty-eight riders in sixteen teams. This year Canada is represented by Matt Wareing, Patrice Glaude and Camel ADV Product's...

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  • StumpJumpers Desert 100 ADV Class

    Posted on August 03 2014

    This April, Cory raced at the StumpJumpers Desert 100 in the ADV class and rode his highly modified F800GS to victory! 

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  • SlickRock Trail, Moab, Utah

    Posted on June 14 2014

    On the way through the Utah BDR, Cory decided to give the SlickRock Trail in Moab a try... here's a video. This made me actually SQUEAK out loud a few...

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    Posted on June 13 2014

    Apparently the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route is INCREDIBLE... Cory just posted this photo and it is bloody beautiful!   If you haven't planned to do so already, be sure to add either the...

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    Posted on June 10 2014

    This is the perfect example of where you can go, how much farther, when you don't have to worry about stopping the adventure ride of a lifetime in hopes of...

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    Posted on June 08 2014

    Hey guys, this is Laura. I've been helping to fill orders for Camel Tank while Cory is away on a road trip. You just might see him if you happen...

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  • 2014 Desert 100

    Posted on April 15 2014

    Camel Tank would like to send out a big congratulations to everyone that participated in the Desert 100 in Odessa Washington on April 6th. Cory Hanson took part in this...

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  • The Camel Tank is now shipping!

    Posted on September 01 2013

    After over 2yrs of development, the "Camel Tank" is now a reality, in stock and ready to ship! Add 7 Liters more range to your BMW F650/700/800gs twin!

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  • GS Trophy here we come!

    Posted on June 26 2013

    Camel Tank creator Cory Hanson won the Ontario BMW GS Challenge and secured his spot on Canada's 3 man team for next years GS Trophy! Joining Cory will be Montreal's...

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