Desert X BDR Prep 3 of?

Desert X BDR Prep 3 of?

I stumbled across this video shot last fall on an external hard drive. It never got uploaded to YouTube (not sure why).

Last Sept 2022, I planned a WABDR trip on the new (at the time) Ducati Desert X. We were scrambling to get prototype parts made for the bike. In 3 days, we made one-off pannier racks, a skid plate, a high fender kit, and an axle nut wrench.

The high fender kit is available here:  Ducati Desert X High Fender Kit – Camel ADV Products (

The axle wrench here:  Ducati DesertX Axle Wrench – Camel ADV Products (

The Gut Guard Skid Plate here:  Ducati Desert X Gut Guard Skid Plate – Camel ADV Products (

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