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Camel Tank Give-Away!

We've just had our 3 year anniversary and to celebrate and thank you all for your support we are doing a huge Camel Tank give away! Every Monday for the next 12 weeks we will be giving away a Camel Tank! Go to ADVrider at the link below and follow the instructions!

Giveaway link

OAA- Offroad Adventure Academy

We're happy to announce a partnership with OAA Offroad ADVenture Academy. OAA is well known for their high quality rider training programs and adventure tours! Do you want a guided tour of a Backcountry Discovery Route or a winter riding expedition to Baja, Mexico? OAA has you covered!

Check them out here: OAA-Offroad Adventure Academy

Yamaha Super Tenere Camel Tank

We currently have several new Camel Tank projects on the go in the shop. One we are very excited about is the kit for the Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere. There have been many obstacles along the way but we are close to finalizing all the details. 

Camel Tank


New dealer: Sierra BMW in Sparks, Nevada!

We are very happy to announce Sierra BMW in Sparks, Nevada as our newest Camel Tank dealer! Sierra BMW is a top rated dealer for customer service we're proud to have them representing our brand in Nevada! Check out their webpage:

Sierra BMW

Honda CRF250L Camel Tank kit

COMING SOON: Camel Tank kit for the Honda CRF250L. Add 6 extra liters (1.58gal) to your CRF's stock fuel capacity for an impressive total of 13.7L (3.6gal)!

With 80% more fuel range you’ll be able to commute a few extra days between fills, explore those intriguing backroads without worrying if you’ll have enough gas to get back or just stop less on your road trip. Easy install with no cutting or drilling required. Camel Tank, Adventure Extended! 

Honda CRF250L Camel Tank auxiliary fuelHonda CRF250L Camel Tank auxiliary Honda CRF250L Camel Tank auxiliary

Black Friday Sale!

It's that time of year again! Camel Tank is having a Black Friday sale, and we're extending it for two entire days. This Friday and Saturday (November 27th and 28th) you can purchase any Camel Tank for just $329!

All tanks purchased during the sale will be shipped on December 9th.

Hurry up and take advantage of this price, you won't see it again any time soon!

New Dealer: Rottweiler Performance!

We are happy to announce that Rottweiler Performance in Costa Mesa, CA will be be carrying our KTM 1190 Camel Tanks.

 Best known for their high quality air intake systems, Rottweiler serves the KTM big bike crowd and we’re proud to have them as a partner!

KTM Camel Tanks are Here!

Camel Tanks for the KTM 1050/1190/1290 Adventure motorcycles are now in stock and ready to ship! Get similar fuel capacity from your 1050 or 1190 as the KTM 1290 and BMW R1200GSA or add a Camel Tank to your KTM 1290 SA for a whopping 9.5 gallon total fuel capacity!

New International Shipping!

We have simplified the international shipping options. We have added flat rate shipping to over 50 countries including most of western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and several Asian countries.  Check out the list and see if you qualify for $75 International Shipping!

KTM 1190 Camel Tank pre-sale was a huge success!

The pre-sale is done and was a great success! All pre-sale tanks have shipped and we are waiting the arrival of the regular stock.

The Camel Tank for the KTM 1050/1190/1290 Adventure is coming late October and we will have limited stock. Don't miss out - get on the list to be notified when tanks are ready for purchase. Send us an email and let us know that you want to be on the list and we will make sure you are the first to know when the tanks are added to the site.

KTM 1190 Camel Tank Pre-sale is on the way!

I’m sure most of you have noticed the project has taken a bit longer than planned. Unfortunately there was an issue with the mold and a decision had to be made between simply accepting the flaw or producing a whole new mold and delaying the release of the tank by several weeks. It was a less than ideal position to be in but a very easy decision to make as I never want to put the Camel Tank logo on anything that isn’t 100%. You guys are paying good money for our products and you deserve a top quality product in return.

The good news: field testing went well and I am very happy with the results. The tank will work with Touratech Zega, SW Motech, Jesse’s* and KTM PowerParts aluminum panniers**. There will be other pannier systems that are compatible but we haven’t been able to test fit first hand. We’ll be adding to the "definitely fits” list as we get more info. Fuel capacity is 6 litres/1.5 gallons.

We will have a pre-buy up on our site on Monday, August 17th with delivery expected mid Sept.

This tank will be available in both black AND transparent. The pre-buy deal includes free shipping in North America ($30 value), a free tethered fuel cap upgrade ($30 value) and a free Camel Tank tube bandana (aka “Buff” $20 value). The pre-buy price is $375 so you’re also saving an additional $24 on the tank price ($399) AND getting your tank 4-5 weeks ahead of everyone else. Limited quantity, first come first serve!

Anyone that is outside of North America, please email so we can get you an accurate shipping quote BEFORE you order!

KTM 1190 Camel Tank on it's way!

Need more range from your KTM 1050, 1190 or 1290 Adventure? Whether you need more fuel so you can Iron-Butt it to your next destination, explore that intriguing backroad or simply want peace of mind knowing that you’ve got gas to spare, we have you covered.

Our durable roto-molded auxiliary fuel tanks work with many popular pannier systems. Add over 6 liters to your KTM 1050/1190/1290. Where will you go when the only limitations you’ll have are the ones you impose on yourself?

Price and release date TBA. Watch here for pre-buy instructions.

KTM 1190 Camel Tank auxiliary 1090 1050 1290KTM 1190 Camel Tank auxiliary 1090 1050 1290