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Price Drop!

Exciting news! You can now buy your Camel Tank for just $399, the new price to celebrate the start of a great season.

Also, while shipping on tanks is $25 in Canada and the U.S.A., you can qualify for free shipping when you choose a tethered gas cap for your tank!

Camel Tank in the wild

Check out this photo of the Camel Tank from Lance, who said "The bike and the camel took a beating this weekend. Both came up smiling but very muddy!"


Camel Tank BMW F800gs F650GS F700GS auxiliary

Lockhart Basin, Utah Backcountry Discovery Route

I cannot believe it is almost November! Where I live, the snow is just about here, which makes me really think it is time to start heading South. For those of you that are able to travel somewhere warm, check out this video from Cory's travels this summer.

This video features highlights from the ride through Lockhart Basin on a route marked expert in the Utah Backcountry Discovery Routes map.


2014 BMW GS Trophy has begun!

The GS Trophy has officially begun, starting out yesterday with all of the teams arriving, setting up camp, filling out paperwork, and being welcomed with a 'White Hat' ceremony. There were photos taken, food eaten, and celebrating that ended with an early turn-in for sleep. They had to be up early this morning to head off on the first leg of their ride and the start of a huge and challenging adventure.

If you are in the Alberta Rockies this week, keep your eyes peeled for the GS Trophy rolling by! 

You can get the latest overall news on the GS Trophy website and I hope we see some of you at the event near Nelson next week.

BMW GS Trophy 2014 Team Canada Camel Tank

2014 GS Trophy is coming!

The GS Trophy is coming up fast, starting on September 6th with forty-eight riders in sixteen teams. This year Canada is represented by Matt Wareing, Patrice Glaude and Camel ADV Product's own Cory Hanson.

BMW GS Trophy 2014 Team Canada Cory Hanson Camel Tank

StumpJumpers Desert 100 ADV Class

This April, Cory raced at the StumpJumpers Desert 100 in the ADV class and rode his highly modified F800GS to victory! 

SlickRock Trail, Moab, Utah

On the way through the Utah BDR, Cory decided to give the SlickRock Trail in Moab a try... here's a video. This made me actually SQUEAK out loud a few times.... it looks scary, and awesome, at the same time!




Apparently the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route is INCREDIBLE... Cory just posted this photo and it is bloody beautiful!


If you haven't planned to do so already, be sure to add either the Utah BDR or the Arizona BDR (or BOTH!) to your motorcycle itineraries this summer. I only have two weeks this summer and I'm hoping to spend most of it on the West coast exploring Washington and British Columbia.

If you are going to be at the TT Rally in Washington at the end of the month, let me know! I should be catching the tail end of it. Unlike Cory, I'm brand new to adventure riding and just got my first motorcycle this year, so I'm itching to head off on my road trip in two weeks.

In Camel Tank news, the CT-A and CT-B should both be back in stock early next week and I will be sure to announce it here as soon as they have arrived.

UTBDR Camel Tank BMW F800GS auxiliary



This is the perfect example of where you can go, how much farther, when you don't have to worry about stopping the adventure ride of a lifetime in hopes of finding a gas station!

The Arizona BDR definitely made my list of things to do before I die! Just look at this breathtaking view.


Camel Tank BMW F800gs auxiliary AZBDR Arizona


Hey guys, this is Laura. I've been helping to fill orders for Camel Tank while Cory is away on a road trip. You just might see him if you happen to hit the Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route.

It is hard to be stuck in town when I see photos like this one!

BMW F800gs Camel Tank auxiliary AZBDR


Such a gorgeous place, and Cory reports that the route is an incredible ride.

If you haven't got your Camel Tank already, make trips like this easier and say goodbye to the hassle of gas stations by getting one before it's too late!