"The Fix" Brake Pedal - 700 Tenere

Great news, after a year of testing, "The Fix" rear brake pedal is here! You don't have to deal with the Yamaha T7s crappy rear brake any longer. The issue with the bike's rear brake is not swelling of the OEM rubber brake lines, it's not the compound of the brake pads, and it's also not the quality or size of the master cylinder or caliper. The main issue is a poor leverage ratio.

"The Fix" Features:

-Corrected leverage ratio reducing pedal travel by half compared to stock

-Durable 6.4mm thick 304 stainless steel construction

-Straighter shape to reduce pedal flexing while braking

-Brass bushings to reduce slop in the pedal main pivot point

-Grippy, replaceable stainless steel brake tip

-Offset clevis to correct the master cylinder pushrod angle

-Black powder-coated finish

Patent Pending

100% money-back guarantee. If you still aren't happy with your T7's rear brake after installing "The Fix" send it back for a full refund, no questions asked!


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