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Yamaha T7 - Gut Guard Skid Plate Install - Euro 4 and 5

A quick intro and install video for the Camel ADV Gut Guard skid plate. This video includes some product updates as well as answering some frequently asked questions about the Camel Gut Guard skid plate.

This video replaces our previous install video posted June 19th, 2020.

Yamaha 700 Tenere T7 Gut Guard Skid Plate – Camel ADV Products (camel-adv.com)

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CLAW Series, Episode 1: How Top Heavy is Your ADV Bike?

People often talk about how top heavy a motorcycle is but there's no real way to measure it, we've decided to change that.

We've built an apparatus to tilt bikes and measure their top heaviness. The "how" is still solidifying but I think we're on our way to having a feasible process.

Your input is welcomed and appreciated!

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Harley Pan America Foot Peg Install

The footpegs on the Pan America are a bit underwhelming and too small to spend much time standing on.

The Big Bite Pegs are made of 6061 T6 billet aluminum and feature stainless steel cleats for maximum traction. The large open areas around the cleats ensure the pegs will stay clear of mud and debris during those offroad short cuts.

Do your feet a favor and give our Big Bite pegs a try!

Size: 3.25" x 2.25"


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T7 Fuel Cap Seal Install

An annoying issue with the T7 is its leaking fuel tank cap seal. The cap has a spring loaded seat under it and if there is any downward pressure on the cap other than straight down, the cap rocks slightly and the seal starts to leak.

I know you're thinking, "Why would there be pressure on my fuel cap?!". If you use a tank bag, it will be sitting on top of the gas cap and they can apply pressure to it. If you drop your bike and the tank bag is pushing on the cap, there's a good chance your tank bag (and its contents) will be soaked with gasoline... way less than ideal.

This leaky cap problem also creates issues for our Camel Tank customers. Fuel is transferred from the Camel Tank to the main tank using vacuum. If the main tank cap doesn't seal properly, no vacuum is created and the fuel won't transfer properly.

Our 1.5mm thick Viton sealing ring is a quick, cheap and effective way to keep the gas and fumes in your fuel tank.

T7 Gas Tank Cap Seal - Yamaha 700 Tenere – Camel ADV Products (camel-adv.com)

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Harley Pan America - Slamming and Banging

Some slamming and banging from this year's Pan America rides. To truly test our parts, we need to ride in challenging terrain from the rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains to deserts in Southern California. The Pan America does pretty well, especially considering it's a 600lb bike!

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790 Rally and T7 - California Sand Wash

A very cool sand wash section near Ocotillo Wells, California.

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T7 Fork Guard Protectors

There are so many things to love about the 700 Tenere but Yamaha's choice of body plastic material is not one of them! For reasons unknown, Yamaha opted to make the T7's body panels from brittle ABS plastic instead of the far more durable polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) materials commonly used in more dirt oriented motorcycles.

The T7s fork guards are easily damaged when riding offroad. They are about $30 a piece to replace (if they aren't back-ordered). The most common failure is breaking the lower mounting tab off which requires replacement of the entire fork guard. Well, I should say that it used to require replacing the fork guard.

After breaking countless guards during our offroad adventures, we created a protector/repair bracket that can help keep the damage from happening in the first place but can also repair a guard that is already broken off!

-Anodized aluminum
-Quick and easy install
-Highly effect
-Available in Black, Red or Blue
-Sold in pairs
-Cheaper than a pair of replacement fork guards

*All extra fees such as taxes, duties, tariffs, brokerage, etc are not included in the purchase price. Customers are wholly responsible for payment of these fees!*

*MOTORCYCLE NOT INCLUDED* (Yup, apparently this footnote is required, we've had questions)

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Quick and Dirty Moto DIY - Episode 2: T7 Front Brake Pad Change

In the second episode in our Quick and Dirty Moto DIY series, we change front brake pads on our Yamaha 700 Tenere. Most two piston floating caliper brake pad changes will be very similar to this process.

You can purchase Galfer brake pads on our website: https://camel-adv.com/collections/yam...

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Quick and Dirty Moto DIY - Episode 1: Wheel Bearings and Seals

This is the first episode in a series we're calling Quick and Dirty Moto DIY. We're changing wheel bearing on our Yamaha 700 Tenere. You need a long punch, a hammer, seal puller, assorted sockets (or bearing/seal driver set-up) as well as new bearing and seals.

The 700 Tenere uses the following bearing and seals:

*Front wheel
Front wheel bearings........22 x 44 x 12 60/22 2rs       x 2
Front seal......................... 30 x 44 x 5.                        x 2

*Rear Wheel
Rear wheel left................28 x 58 x 16      62/28  2rs    x 1
Rear wheel right..............20 x 47 x 14      6204 2rs      x 1
Sprocket carrier...............20 x 42 x 12       6004 2rs     x 1
Rear wheel left seal.........40 x 58 x 7                            x 1
Rear wheel right seal.......28 x 47 x 7                           x 1

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Pan America - Gut Guard Skid Plate Install

Camel ADV Gut Guard skid plates, designed, tested and built in the rugged Canadian Rockies.

The Pan America is a big, beefy bike and it needs a big, beefy skid plate to protect it. If you're going to take this bad boy off the beaten path, you better plate up!

Like many new bikes, the Harley-Davidson Pan America uses the motor as a "stressed member". The motor itself is an integral part of the motorcycle's chassis.

The Pan America has many components that would normally be mounted to frame work under the motor are attached to the motor itself (rear suspension linkage, side stand, skid plate etc). This creates a challenge when designing a skid plate to protect the underside of the motor from damage caused by rocks, stumps, logs etc. A skid plate can simply be mounted directly to the motor but the force from a solid impact is transferred into the engine case. This can cause a cracked engine case which can be a very expensive and lengthy repair.

The Camel ADV Gut Guard uses an impact absorbing subframe mounting plate to disperse the energy from large hits. Energy created when the bike collides with rocks roots, stumps etc, is distributed to all of the skid plate's mounting locations rather than just to the location of the hit. This distribution of force means the chances of damaging the engine case due a large hit is drastically reduced.

We've spent a lot of time designing and testing our Pan America Gut Guard skid plate to insure it'll take the abuse we know some of you will throw at it!

Camel ADV Pan America Gut Guard Skid Plate Features:
-TIG welded 4.75mm aluminum main body
-Powdercoated for durability and a great look for years to come
-304 stainless steel, impact absorbing mounting sub-frame
-Large venting holes to ensure your charging system's regulator stays cool
-Drainage holes to allow mud, water and debris to escape

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