Aprilia Tuareg GG Install

Aprilia Tuareg GG Install

The Aprilia Tuareg is a very capable ADV bike, but to make the most of its dirt prowess, it needs a big, beefy skid plate to protect it. If you take this bad boy off the beaten path, you better plate up!

Like many new bikes, the 660 Tuareg uses the engine as a "stressed member." The motor itself is an integral part of the motorcycle's chassis. This creates a challenge when designing a skid plate to protect the underside of the motor from damage caused by rocks, stumps, logs, etc. A skid plate can be mounted directly to the motor, but the force from a solid impact is transferred into the engine case. This can cause a cracked engine case which can be a costly and lengthy repair.

The Camel ADV Gut Guard uses an impact-absorbing subframe mounting plate to disperse the energy from significant hits. The energy created when the bike collides with rocks, roots, stumps, etc, is distributed to all of the skid plate's mounting locations rather than just to the location of the hit. This distribution of force means the chances of damaging the engine case due to a large hit are drastically reduced.

We've spent much time designing and testing our Tuareg Gut Guard skid plate to ensure it'll take the abuse we know some of you will throw at it!

Camel ADV Tuareg Gut Guard Skid Plate Features:

-4.78mm 5052 aluminum main body

-Powder-coated for durability and a great look for years to come

-304 stainless steel, impact-absorbing mounting sub-frame

-Drainage holes to allow mud, water, and debris to escape

-A catalytic converter cover to keep the heat away from your boots

-Optional full coverage UHMW slip-liner available

Confirmed fit with the following crash bar systems:

-OEM Aprilia

-Hepco Becker


-More systems to be added

When ordering, make sure to select the proper crash bar option in the drop-down menu!

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