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Yamaha T7: Welcoming the new girl

The early launch of the highly anticipated Yamaha 700 Tenere in Europe has many people in the rest of the world pretty unhappy. Seeing all the Europeans having fun on their new T7s while we have to sit on the sidelines and watch straight sucks. As an ADV enthusiast, this is not fun for me either but as a parts manufacturer, waiting a full year longer than my European competition is a whole different level of terrible.

We've had a deposit at our Canadian dealer of choice for 21 months already (placed Nov 2017 after the EICMA bike show) so we should be one of the first in the country to get a Canadian spec T7. That's cool and all but still quite unacceptable!

We enlisted a friend of a friend in Switzerland to order a Euro spec T7 as soon as the online ordering opened this spring. It was a bit unnerving to wire the full purchase amount to someone I'd never met before so he could go and buy the bike on my behalf. When I look at the chain of events, I could have just as easily lost all my $$$ on this deal. Anyway it's all worked out well so far (few snags but OK).

Camel ADV Yamaha Tenere 700 T7 #TenereTuesday

How did we get this Euro spec T7 into Canada? We applied for and received a special 12 month permit that allows businesses to temporarily import vehicles for things like exhibition, evaluation and testing, shooting of movies and TV shows etc. The catch with the permit is that after 12months, the vehicle has to be exported out of the country or crushed. Heartbreaking really. After a year of abuse, will it be worth enough to justify the paperwork drama and freight cost to ship it back to Europe, unlikely but time will tell.

Camel ADV Yamaha Tenere 700 T7 #TenereTuesday

For the next 11.5 months we'll be riding the wheels off this thing, seeing what we can break and what needs upgrading. We also plan on starting #TenereTuesday on our social media channels with new T7 content every Tuesday. If you haven't already, subscribe on Instragram, Facebook and YouTube so you don't miss out. There will be updates here as well as an FAQ section for the bike.

Camel ADV Yamaha Tenere 700 T7 #TenereTuesday

Camel ADV Yamaha Tenere 700 T7 #TenereTuesday


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CRF300L Cargo Rack Install

From the factory, the CRF300L has no place to carry anything. Honda included four lashing points but no cargo plate of any kind. Even rackless luggage is difficult to mount on this bike as there are no rear tie-down points.

We wanted to make a minimalist, low-profile cargo plate that added was just big enough to carry your tool kit or day pack without being too bulky. Also, it acts as a tie-down point for rackless soft bags such as the Mosko Moto Reckless line or the Giant Loop type luggage.

The rack itself is powder-coated 4.75mm (3/16") 5052 aluminum cargo plate featuring 14 outer edge lashing loops. Attaching the plate to the bike's subframe are two 304 stainless steel side mounting brackets. Installation is quick and easy and it does not require any drilling or permanent modifications to the bike!

This cargo rack is compatible with our 5L Camel Tank kit.

Cliff Hanger Trail, Moab - 700 Tenere, KTM 790 & 500EXC

The Cliff Hanger Trail in Moab does just that... hangs on the edge of a cliff! The trail is rated a +4/5 and is an in and out (total of 8.5 miles) and has numerous rock ledges and drop-offs. I first became aware of the route 20 years ago when I had a rock-crawling truck. Over the last few years, I've wanted to ride it on an ADV bike but wasn't able to make it happen until this March.

I was joined by Andy from Heavy Enduro (T7), Seth from Utah Enduro Adventures (890R), and "Manitoba Charles" (500EXC). I was riding the Camel ADV T7. We got it done but not without some excitement along the way!

Hell's Gate Moab - 700 Tenere

Hell's Gate is an optional obstacle on the Hell's Revenge trail in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. This alternate section is a steep, V notch with multiple ledges and if you're really lucky, the rock is covered in sand too!

We rode this track during the Dirt Circus ride in March 2022. My friend Charles was there on his KTM 500EXC and Overkill Andy of Heavy Enduro fame was there on his Yamaha T7 as well.

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2022 Desert 100 Race - Yamaha 700 Tenere

After two years of COVID cancelations, the Stumpjumper's Desert 100 was a go! 2022 was the 50th anniversary of this iconic race and it had a record turn out.

This was our 8th time racing in the ADV class. The course is a grind, not particularly difficult but it is relentless. The track is covered in baby head rocks, silt, sand and whoops. There is no opportunity to sit and cruise along, it give you no chance to rest. The DNF rate is 30-50%. 2022 was the dustiest event I've ever been to. The first couple miles had people cruising along in first gear until the dust cloud started to let up.

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T7 Camel Tank Install

Since the 700 Tenere was officially announced in late 2017, it’s created quite a stir in the adventure bike community. Boasting a great list of features and specs this bike seems ready to conquer the ADV world! However, as the saying goes, “When you’re exploring, you can never have too much water unless you’re drowning or enough gas unless you’re on fire!”.

We can’t help you with the water but we definitely can with the fuel. Placed on the left side of the bike, opposite of the exhaust will sit your Camel Tank. Occupying otherwise unused space, the tank adds 5 Litres (1.3 gal) of extra fuel to your capacity for a total of 21 litres. That's an additional 80-120 km (50-75miles) of extra fun before you need to start looking for a fuel station!

Like the rest of the Camel Tank line, the CT-T7 is roto-molded (no seams to leak or split) from extremely durable XLPE plastic. Our brass inserts won't wear out or cross thread so you can be sure your tank will last the life of your bike! All the Camel Tank kits come with an anodized, CNC machined, billet aluminum fuel cap.

Compatible with the following panniers systems:

-OEM Yamaha pannier racks

-SW Motech Pro

-Outback Motorteck symmetrical (we have not tried the asymmetrical yet)

-Adventure Spec soft bag racks (require 10mm spacers and longer bolts)

*List will grow as we confirm fit with more pannier systems.


-Holds 5 litres/1.3 gallons

-Fuel is automatically transferred from the auxiliary tank to the main tank

-Keeps fuel weight low and close to the bikes center line

-Leaves your rear rack free for a top box or duffle bag

-Includes tethered fuel cap

-Available in black or translucent

*All extra fees such as taxes, duties, tariffs, brokerage, etc are not included in the purchase price. Customers are wholly responsible for payment of these fees!*

*MOTORCYCLE NOT INCLUDED* (Yup, apparently this footnote is required, we've had questions)

Catch more product install videos on our YouTube channel! :)

Yamaha T7 Vented Oil Funnel

A quick video showing the AKT threaded and vented oil fill funnel for the Yamaha T7.

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