T7 - KTM 990 Offroad - Koko Claims

Koko Claims is a nasty bit of trail that connects the Elk Valley Highway to the Bull River Forest Service Road near Elkford, BC, Canada. The trail is only 16km long but it's covered in loose rock, rock ledges, and is quite steep in sections.

We were told by numerous dirt bikers, quadders, and UTV riders that there was no way you could get an ADV bike up and over Koko Claims going East to West. Challenge accepted! Jordan (KTM 990), Andrew (KTM 500, just along for fun), and I (T7) decided to give it a go. It was a battle but we got it done. I've done tougher more technical trails but the level of suck on this route was quite high!

I was quite happy to be on the T7 and to have soft squishy suspension to soak up the big rock hits!