T7 Fork Guard Protectors

There are so many things to love about the 700 Tenere but Yamaha's choice of body plastic material is not one of them! For reasons unknown, Yamaha opted to make the T7's body panels from brittle ABS plastic instead of the far more durable polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) materials commonly used in more dirt oriented motorcycles.

The T7s fork guards are easily damaged when riding offroad. They are about $30 a piece to replace (if they aren't back-ordered). The most common failure is breaking the lower mounting tab off which requires replacement of the entire fork guard. Well, I should say that it used to require replacing the fork guard.

After breaking countless guards during our offroad adventures, we created a protector/repair bracket that can help keep the damage from happening in the first place but can also repair a guard that is already broken off!

-Anodized aluminum
-Quick and easy install
-Highly effect
-Available in Black, Red or Blue
-Sold in pairs
-Cheaper than a pair of replacement fork guards

*All extra fees such as taxes, duties, tariffs, brokerage, etc are not included in the purchase price. Customers are wholly responsible for payment of these fees!*

*MOTORCYCLE NOT INCLUDED* (Yup, apparently this footnote is required, we've had questions)

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