Slaying Dragons Hill Climb - T7 and 790R

I've been eyeing up this hill climb for a couple of years. It's steep and loose then gets quite steep at the top. I took a half-hearted run at it a couple months ago but aborted because I wasn't carrying enough speed. I wasn't super-stoked about trying it ago as the price for failure is pretty high.

Jaden and I had a friend (Brandon) out from BC. He's a madman on his KTM 790R. Point him in a direction and turn away from his roost! We rode over to the hill and Brandon said, "Yup", and off he went. It killed it on a few passes. Jaden was having an uncharacteristically bad day. He made 4 attempts and called it after a solid crash.

I pushed through my anxiety and took a stab at it... success! It felt awesome to beat this hill after 2 years of letting mess with my head.