Our new Japanese Mistress!

We were expecting the 2022 KLR back in May-June but the worldwide microchip shortage pushed production back a few months. Two weeks ago we got the call the our '22 KLR Adventure was here, built and ready to pick up.

I haven't spent much time on it and I have very little seat time on any year KLR but this updated model sure seems to be better than I remember. The motor seems to have more grunt (it's all relative). I was cruising around the city this afternoon and I realized of all the bikes I have access too at the shop, this is the one I like best for city riding. It's easy to ride, does what it needs to do and is comfortable. I'll take the 790R or T7 for dual-sport /offroad rides and the Pan America for longer rides but the KLR is my city pick for sure.

I'm not sure what we'll be making for it yet but we keep riding it and add things to possible project list.