KTM 1190 Camel Tank Pre-sale is on the way!

I’m sure most of you have noticed the project has taken a bit longer than planned. Unfortunately there was an issue with the mold and a decision had to be made between simply accepting the flaw or producing a whole new mold and delaying the release of the tank by several weeks. It was a less than ideal position to be in but a very easy decision to make as I never want to put the Camel Tank logo on anything that isn’t 100%. You guys are paying good money for our products and you deserve a top quality product in return.

The good news: field testing went well and I am very happy with the results. The tank will work with Touratech Zega, SW Motech, Jesse’s* and KTM PowerParts aluminum panniers**. There will be other pannier systems that are compatible but we haven’t been able to test fit first hand. We’ll be adding to the "definitely fits” list as we get more info. Fuel capacity is 6 litres/1.5 gallons.

We will have a pre-buy up on our site on Monday, August 17th with delivery expected mid Sept.

This tank will be available in both black AND transparent. The pre-buy deal includes free shipping in North America ($30 value), a free tethered fuel cap upgrade ($30 value) and a free Camel Tank tube bandana (aka “Buff” $20 value). The pre-buy price is $375 so you’re also saving an additional $24 on the tank price ($399) AND getting your tank 4-5 weeks ahead of everyone else. Limited quantity, first come first serve!

Anyone that is outside of North America, please email so we can get you an accurate shipping quote BEFORE you order!