KTM 1190 Camel Tank on it's way!

Need more range from your KTM 1050, 1190 or 1290 Adventure? Whether you need more fuel so you can Iron-Butt it to your next destination, explore that intriguing backroad or simply want peace of mind knowing that you’ve got gas to spare, we have you covered.

Our durable roto-molded auxiliary fuel tanks work with many popular pannier systems. Add over 6 liters to your KTM 1050/1190/1290. Where will you go when the only limitations you’ll have are the ones you impose on yourself?

Price and release date TBA. Watch here for pre-buy instructions.

KTM 1190 Camel Tank auxiliary 1090 1050 1290KTM 1190 Camel Tank auxiliary 1090 1050 1290