Intro: Camel Brace - Africa Twin Peg Mount Support

Don't let a broken foot peg mount ruin your ride! The cast aluminum peg mount on the Honda Africa Twin can be problematic for offroad riders. It hangs off the frame about 6" and is easily snapped off. It can be broken in a slow speed low side crash, glancing blow from a rock, log or stump. It can also break if you drop into a rut.

A broken foot peg/mount means you can stand up during off road riding and makes rear foot brake pedal operation much more challenging.

Our Camel Brace and Brace Plus strengthen the peg mount by tying it back into the frame a protecting it from blows. The Camel Brace Plus also protects the vulnerable section of exhaust pipe just behind the foot peg.

The standard Camel Brace weights 434grams (13.2oz) and the Plus is 550grams (1lb 3.4oz).