Camel ADV 790ADV Neck Brace

The KTM 790 ADV has been a solid performer since it's launch in early 2019. There's tons of cool new tech on the bike that hasn't been seen on an ADV bike from the Austrian brand before. Unfortunately, the designers decided to stick with the weak, problematic headlight/gauge cluster mounting set-up that was used on the 1090/1190/1290 line.

Everything ahead of the steering stem hangs off of four tiny metal posts that are welded to the bike's head tube. It appears that the lower support bars the designers added to the 790 have done little to beef up the mounting points. The 790's headlight set-up is quite heavy. Add to that the gauge cluster, windscreen, lower wind deflectors, signal lights etc and you have a lot of weight hanging off these weak mounting points.

Over rough terrain, these posts see a lot of stress and eventually snap off. This is a problem for several reasons. Obviously, the broken posts need to be welded back on to the frame leading to some less than ideal backwoods repair jobs (see welding pic below). Another issue is the bike's immobilizer system resides under the headlight. When the headlight assembly snaps off, the wires of the immobilizer can be damaged, leaving you with a broken mount and a dead bike.

The Camel ADV 790 Neck Brace supports the four troublesome mounting posts by tying them together and attaching to a mounting tab behind the bike's head tube. This keeps the posts from flexing and breaking off.

The 790 Neck Brace is made from 11ga 304 Stainless Steel that's been powder-coated* for a great look and excellent durability. Its minimalist design provides all the strength you need while keeping the weight as low as possible. Installation takes only a few minutes.