Africa Twin CRF1000L High Fender Kit

I'm very happy to reveal our first non fuel tank related product! At the end of October, I *attempted* to race our Africa Twin at the 24hrs of Starvation Ridge. The conditions were extremely muddy and the front wheel packed up so bad that even with drive to the rear wheel and 3 full sized men pushing it, the bike simply would not move. 

We had looked at doing a high fender set-up before the race but there are some major challenges mounting a fender on the lower triple clamp as there aren't any holes to mount a bracket to. We had to get creative but we've come up with great solution for it.

The brake hoses are another issue. Like several other ADV bikes with low fenders, the hose for the right side caliper hugs the fender. If you remove the fender, the front tire can hook the brake hose and rip it apart or lock the tire and cause a crash. Either way, less than ideal so new hoses, routed differently, were required.

It's taken sometime to get the kit sorted and as simple as possible. We're very happy with the results and should have the kit available for pre-sale mid January. Keep an eye here for updates or email us and ask to be put on the notification list. 

Price: TBA

Presale: January 15th, 2017 (estimate)