Replacement Tips For "The Fix" Brake Pedal

$39.00 USD

Need a replacement tip for your "Fix" brake pedal? Or perhaps you want a spare tip just in case you damage yours during a spicy ride. We have you covered.

We have just added a folding tip option. These are compatible with all of our previous Fix brake pedals!

We have the original "Enduro" tip (approximately 35mm wide). It's large enough to operate the brake pedal properly but small enough that it's less likely to be damaged by roots, rocks, and logs.

The oversized "Street" size is about 57mm wide (65% larger than the Enduro tip) when damage from offroad obstacles is less likely.

The tips are interchangeable. 

*You are purchasing just the tip, not the whole brake pedal! If you are looking to buy the complete pedal kit, CLICK HERE*

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
LUke RIch
The “FIX” folding brake lever tip

Works great! Just the right width for off road use! Thanks Camel ADV for making great affordable products!!

Peter Varey
Better late than never

Canada post tried everything possible to mess things up. After significant delay, I received the folding T7 brake tip in a special bag indicating damage to the original. I’ll say. The packaging inside looked like it had been run over however the part was in good shape, a testament to the resiliency of the part. The stickers were however less pristine. The tip is now on my bike and I’m really happy with design, materials and function. Very easy to find woh boots on and broad siface for optimal modulation. It’s wonderful that Camel Adv has taken a shine to the T7. All the stuff that I’ve received from them is first rate. The folding brake lever tip is sweet! Just took too long to become available. Not even Canada Post could wreak it. They should test all your products

Eric Vincent Sion
Much better than the older triangle tips

More confidence inspiring that the older triangle tips. The older triangle tips to me to me feels like my foot’s gonna slip, it never has but its a slightly unsettling feeling.

This new folding one feels more like the original to the foot but with stronger braking due to the improved pedal feel.

Totally wort the expense

Kyle Woodburn
Quick fix

I bought this to replace my Tiger 800 XC triangle brake pedal piece. Worked great, I just ground off the triangle piece and drilled some holes. No more bent brake pedal for me.

Darwin C
The Fix for the Fix

"The Fix" brake pedal is AWESOME. However, the rocks of Baja are a force to be reckoned with, and my street tip bent and broke after a low speed lowside in a riverbed....for the record, that rock came out of NOWHERE as they tend to do.

Anyhow, the welds on the fix pedal tip decided to give out, so I opted to try this folding lever. The long and the short of it is that it works great. Moved the pressure point forward about 3/4 of an inch, which gives a bit more leverage and makes "the fix" even better.

Time will tell how it holds up, but for now, I am quite pleased. The non-folding tips are not as suitable for off-road, as the welds are prone to cracking when they are stressed. Or maybe I just need to be a better rider and fall less. Both are quite possible.

Either way, get the folding tip. It is well worth it.