T7 - AKT Vented Oil Funnel

$24.99 USD

No more GLUG, GLUG, OVERFLOW when filling your 700 Tenere's crank case with oil!

This 3D printed funnel not only has the proper threads to screw directly into your T7's oil hole so you don't have to hold it , it also has a built-in vent to prevent the dreaded glug related mess!

Made by AKT in Canada.

 *All extra fees such as taxes, duties, tariffs, brokerage, etc are not included in the purchase price. Customers are wholly responsible for payment of these fees!*

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Customer Reviews

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Jacob Kensil
T7 funnel

For the DIY Mechanics out there who want the right tool for the job. Price is in line for a 3D printed part but not having a mess is priceless. Those taking your bikes to the dealership will be paying much more for that service, so easily justifiable for me.

Eric S+13
Treat Yourself!

Like the lady on TV says. I gave four stars because it was hard for me to spend $24.99 on a freaking funnel. But if you are one of those guys that appreciates a fine piece of kit, or if you need to get up to $199 for free shipping, then this is a five star treat. Nice tool.

Awesome, simple

No mess, no complaints. It's super useful and didn't spill a single drop of oil fumbling with a poor-fitting funnel on my first oil change. This is one of those peace-of-mind items that is a sweet little creature comfort for those of us that like to do our own maintenance.