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GALFER Brake Pads Yamaha 700 Tenere

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We upgraded the brake pads own our 700 Tenere to GALFER units, huge improvement!

For the front of the bike we opted for HH Sintered compound:

  • Better initial bite than the OEM front pads
  • Advanced ceramic brake pad composites ready to withstand higher temperatures than regular semi-metallic carbon brake pads.
  • HH friction rated compounds deliver excellent feel and modulation.
  • Developed for varying conditions.
  • Very aggressive brake pad with good initial bite and lasting power.

*Pads sold in pairs, the front of the T7 requires TWO pairs of pads!*


For the rear, we installed Semi-Metallic Carbon:

  • Great feel and modulation for OEM brake pad replacement.
  • Long lasting brake pad and very little rotor wear.
  • Good in wet and/or dry conditions.
  • Overall a very versatile brake pad compound for almost every need.
  • Touring, Performance street, Motocross, Enduro, Dual Sport
  • Provides a more linear feel than the OEM's on/off toggle switch feel


*All extra fees such as taxes, duties, tariffs, brokerage, etc are not included in the purchase price. Customers are wholly responsible for payment of these fees!*

*MOTORCYCLE NOT INCLUDED* (Yup, apparently this footnote is required, we've had questions)

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