BMW F800GS Camel Tank CT-V2

$429.00 USD

Back by popular demand! Sales of the F800GS Camel Tank kits dropped quite drastically after the F800GS was replaced by the new F750/850GS platform in 2018. We sold the remaining tank kits we had then discontinued the product. Then something strange happened, demand for the CT-V2 Camel Tank went through the roof and we were getting emails daily asking about the kit. We've done a short run of tanks and we'll make a decision about the kit's future based on sales of this latest batch.

Inspired by our own around the world motorcycle trip in 2009, the Camel Tank idea came when we were riding our F800gs through the deserts of Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Filling up with questionable-looking gas out of pop bottles sold on the roadside was less than ideal. Our riding partners were on a R1200GSA (32L) and a Yamaha 660 Tenere (22L); we were always the guy in the group that was low on fuel, it was frustrating and inconvenient.

Enter Camel Tank! A 7-liter (1.8 gal) auxiliary gas tank made for the twin-cylinder BMW F650 / F700 / F800 GS (not compatible with the GSA!) motorcycles with adventure riders in mind. Easy to install, factory-looking fit, and just fill with gas when you fill your main tank. Occupying the unused space between the rear tire and the pannier rack, the Camel Tank keeps the fuel weight low, balances out the weight of your exhaust system on the opposite side, and leaves your rear rack free for a duffle bag or top box. 

Whether you're on your own around the world trip, iron butting it to your next destination down the highway, or simply exploring the woods near your home, we've got you covered.


  • Holds 7 liters
  • Does not require a fuel pump for transfer
  • Does not require drilling of the factory fuel tank
  • Will not interfere with a top box or duffel bag
  • Fits with many pannier systems
  • Real-world tested


CT-V2 Fits With These Pannier Systems:

  • Touratech Zega Pro
  • TouraTech Zega (no 41L special system)
  • Hepco Becker*
  • Holan
  • Mas Tech**
  • SW Motech EVO (not PRO)
  • Brooks Autosport
  • or without panniers.

* Hepco Becker - Be aware of tight clearances at the pannier latch.
** Mas Tech - Be aware of tight clearances at the rear cross brace.

This kit is NOT COMPATIBLE with BMW factory panniers (aluminum or plastic), the F800GSA or the F750/850GS bikes!

*International Customers: (outside the US and Canada)
All extra fees such as taxes, duties, tariffs, brokerage, etc are not included in the purchase price. Customers are wholly responsible for the payment of these fees!

Installation Video:

*Please see PDF supplement as well for the installation here CT-V2 Install*

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Outback Helper Plus

Have had the tank on my 2012 F800GS now for 10 years and has been rock solid reliable. I have covered around 40,000 km of corrugated outback roads in Australia with it on, and have had absolutely no problems with the tank. It is a very cost effective way or bringing the F800GS range up to the same as a more expensive variant - and best of all VERY simple. Did consider the Touratech solution which did offer more range - but this was far superior. This set up offers 400km + range, and if ridden at moderate speeds even on dirt I can squeeze 500km out of a refuel. Does not affect the handling of the bike and with total fuel capacity including main tank at 25 litres - you can hardly feel the difference.

Rinus le Mahieu
Ideal for long trips !

I have bought my Camel tank for my F650GS twin in 2020 and installation was very easy. I wanted to go to Morokko, but the COVID pandemic made this impossible. Maybe I can go next year ?
In the mean time I have travelled quite a lot on the European mainland (when possible) and I am very happy with the improved range of the bike. I can now ride often 500+ km's before I need to refuel. My ideal is to be able to ride a whole day without the need to search for a petrol station and this is very well met with the Camel tank. Thank you very much !

Terbaikk (Very Good)

Sorry for the late review...just done installed by self last year (2021)...good product...Already tested for the Malaysia weather (sunny and rainy tropical weather) far no leaking detected or vacuum loss from the fuel lines and tank cap.

Now my F700GS can ride up until 350km-450km with just one fill at speed 90 kmh.

However, your sticker are not so strong..after a few months, it start to peel from the plastic tank.

Overall, i am very lucky to be a few last customer that manage to bought this Camel ADV Tank before they discontinue their product.

Awesome Accessary

This tank really should get a 5 star rating but after 5 years of no issues we put on a set of MotoZ Tractionator Adventure tires to get us up to Tuktoyatuk (Arctic Ocean) and it appears the outside lugs of the tire wore a hole through the inside of the tank. I immediately ordered a new when we got home and wont run the MotoZ tires. I love the simplicity of this product and it gives my wifes bike the same range as my F800 GSA.

Scott Gault
Camel tank, version

Hi, and thank you for my camel tank. I fitted it to my bmw racking system and bmw panniers with a small modification to each item, (camel tank not altered in anyway) and is working a treat. Great to have more miles in the 800gs.