51mm OD Spark Arrestor High Exhaust Kit

$19.00 USD

You wanted it, now we have them! We're happy to introduce our drop-in spark arrestor for Camel ADV's T7 High Exhaust kit. 

This spark arrestor insert drops into the muffler's inlet and is retained when the link pipe is slid into the muffler.

Affordable, effective, and easy to install. We've maximized the mesh surface area and made the retaining ring as low-profile as possible so it doesn't affect the flow rate of the exhaust.

*International Customers: (outside the US and Canada)
All extra fees such as taxes, duties, tariffs, brokerage, etc are not included in the purchase price. Customers are wholly responsible for the payment of these fees!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Keepin me legal

It’s just right. Fits beautifully, keeps me legal and Smokey the bear happy. Only you can prevent forest fires. And prevent the forest service from writing you a ticket! Don’t ride without one. 👍

Chris L
Get One

Yes, it's a fuel injected bike WITH a cat. Get one of these not because you need one, but because it's the right thing to do. I live in Colorado and I'm happy to spend $19 for peace of mind when I'm riding in our dry AF, forest-fire-ridden lands. Legal requirements be damned, get one of these because it's the right thing to do!


Camel Adv parts are top notch, it’s worth to invest on your bike by equipping with quality parts. Thank you Camel Adv for all you do for the riding community!

Personal Service

Called Camel ADV Products once I found out I could purchase them from from our Northern fellow riders in Canada. I purchased the High pipe and muffler, but found I need the spark arrestor for the States. The young lady I spoke to was very polite and had my purchase in the mail right away. The service was great and the product fit as expected. This is actually my 3rd purchase from Camel now. I hope that Camel takes the time to get U.S.D.A. Forest Service certification, so those of us in the States can ride legally in the Forests and BLM land.

Eric S+13
Well made and useful.

Here where I live you can be cited for riding off-road without a spark arrestor, catalytic converter or not. It is inexpensive, well made, and useful. A small price to pay for the comfort of knowing nothing is going past you muffler and down your pipe either. Thank you Camel ADV for providing these.