T7 High Exhaust Kit Compatible Muffler List

Since we announced our Yamaha T7 High Exhaust Kit, people have requested a kit without a muffler so they could add their own. This maybe simply due to personal tastes or regulatory requirements (such ad E-Mark in the EU).

We have been reluctant to sell the kit without a muffler due to the large number of variables that coming into play when we add untested mufflers. We do understand the desire to choose your own muffler so we've outlined some information to keep in mind when selecting your muffler.

Critical Dimensions:

The horizontal distance between the muffler inlet centerline and the mounting hole centerline needs to be 83mm (+/-3mm). If this measurement is out of spec, the link pipe will be poorly aligned, the link pipe and header connection may not seal properly, the muffler may contact the swingarm (which of course, is the problem we’re trying to avoid with this kit!). 

The muffler inlet must be 51mm (2.0”) 

Due to the very large number of mufflers that could potentially be used, it is impossible for us to foresee all the possible complications that may arise. Ultimately, you will need to ensure the muffler you select is a good fit for the application, will satisfy local equipment laws, allow for safe operation etc.

Mufflers confirmed to fit with our high exhaust kit:

*We're just getting started with the list, it will grow as we test and confirm more mufflers*

Black Widow SC30H     

Black Widow UN30H

SP Engineering Carbon Fibre

SP Engineering Stainless Steel (50.9mm inlet version)

Max Torque Cans