Aprilia Tuareg Gut Guard/Spacer Info

Aprilia Tuareg Gut Guard/Aftermarket Crash Bar Spacer Info

Your Gut Guard kit comes with several different spacers to allow installation with various aftermarket crash bars. Each brand of crash bar has its own spacers and unique width so the proper Camel supplied spacers must be placed on top of the crash bar spacers and mounting brackets in order for the skid plate’s upper mounting brackets to install correctly.

There are dozens of aftermarket crash bars available and we do not have details for all the brands. Info will be added as it is available.

The information provided here is based on the most current data from the included crash bar manufacturers. They can change their designs at anytime so we cannot guarantee absolute accuracy!

The OEM Aprilia crash bars are compatible as well but that is a different mounting kit altogether. If you have ordered the wrong kit for your crash bars, please contact:

Spacer lengths included in the Gut Guard kit:

1@ 45mm
1@ 32mm
1@ 25.4mm
1@ 22mm
1@ 12mm
1@ 7mm

No Crash Bars:             
Right= 32mm, Left= 45mm (supplied in Camel kit)

Hepco Becker:            
 Right= 12mm, Left= 22mm

Right: 7mm, Left= 22mm

OutBack Motortek:      
 Right 12mm, Left 22mm