Camel ADV Side Stand Safety Switch Bypass Plug

Yamaha T7 Side Stand Safety Switch Bypass Plug (SSSSBP)

$12.00 USD

Your T7's side stand safety switch makes it impossible for you to ride away with your side stand down. It is a handy feature until your switch is damaged while riding offroad. When that happens, your bike will not run in gear, which can leave you stranded on the side of the trail.

Luckily, our bypass plug is cheap and easy to install! 

There's not much more to say about this simple part!

Installation Video:

Customer Reviews

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All good,

I’ll have to drop the bike to see if the new tank seal works. Stay tuned. I should have watched the video for the kickstand bypass before I bought it. Not sure now if I really need it. Oh well. One note, in the installation video Corey disconnects the top end of the OEM wire but then it jumps to the whole wire out. Would be good to see how to disconnect the “bottom” of the wire (at the kickstand, I assume). Thanks!

Daniel Myers
Simple solution

I initially did a simple wire job to bypass the switch, but decided why not spend the $12 and fix it right with the Cameladv fix. Great product and communication. The fact that he tells you how to bypass the switch without his product tells you all you need to know about Cameladv! They care about the customer. An amazing company to do business with.