Norden 901 - 1 Finger Clutch Kit

$69.00 USD

We love the Norden 901 off-road but find its clutch friction zone narrower than we'd like. To help smooth out the toggle switch-like clutch feel, we designed a new clutch actuator arm 19mm longer than stock. This longer arm widens the friction zone by 60% and reduces the clutch pull substantially for easy one-finger clutch operation! The wider friction zone and one-finger clutch operation make riding off-road more enjoyable. The light clutch pull is also great for riding in stop-and-go traffic.


    • Clutch friction zone is widened by 60%
    • Clutch pull is reduced by 33%
    • Reduced arm pump 
    • Easier modulation of clutch for offroad riding
    • Reduced hand fatigue in stop-and-go traffic
    • Easy install

    The kit includes the following:

    • Anodized 6061 billet aluminum clutch arm
    • TIG-welded, stainless steel, powder-coated cable guide
    • Stainless steel cable clevis and pin

    *Your clutch arm may have 2 or 3 adjustment holes! The two-hole arms have the same amount of reduction as the three-hole version. The two-hole version has the innermost hole removed. That first hole was the same as the OEM-length arm.

    *International Customers: (outside the US and Canada)
    All extra fees, such as taxes, duties, tariffs, brokerage, etc, are not included in the purchase price. Customers are wholly responsible for the payment of these fees!


    Intro and install video:

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