Africa Twin High Fender Kit

$299.00 USD

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 Africa Twin CRF1000L 2016 - current

*Due to high sales volume, we are experiencing shipping delays of 8-10 days on the Africa Twin high fender kits*. We appreciate your patience!

Planning on taking the road less traveled on your new Honda Africa Twin? Camel ADV’s high fender kit eliminates the CRF’s factory low fender and replaces with an MX style fender.

Our high fender kit means you don’t have to worry about packing your front wheel with mud on wet back roads and trails. On top of the extra clearance, you get the aggressive dirt look we all love!

The cornerstone of our high fender kit is a fender adaptor with integrated brake manifold. CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum and anodized black, this piece is a beautiful as it is functional.

100% bolt on; eliminates cutting, drilling and tapping holes in your triple clamp. Our bracket accepts several styles of KTM dirt bike fenders*. Easy installation using basic hand tools!

Our high fender kit includes:

  • 6061 billet aluminum fender mount
  • 3 HEL™ braided stainless steel brake hoses
  • Stainless steel hose guides
  • Stainless steel fork guard adaptor brackets
  • Brake hose clamps
  • All mounting hardware

*Fender and fork guards are not included

Q: Why was your kit designed around KTM fenders and fork guards?

A: We used the KTM fenders as they are cheap, easy to source, available in several styles and colors. Also, most models of the KTM dirt bikes use the same bolt pattern making them very attractive in this application.

Q: How difficult is the kit to install?

A: The kit is very straight forward to install. As with any brake components, this kit should only be installed by a qualified person.

Q: Are there any permanent modifications to my bike?

A: No! Our kit is 100% bolt on and totally reversible.

Q: Why aren’t fenders and fork guards included in the kit?

A: Three reasons:

A) The fenders and fork guards are quite bulky so the shipping charges to customers would be considerably higher than just sending the conversion parts.

B) We’d purchase these parts at retail and then would have to mark them up to cover our costs. These parts would be cheaper through your local dealer.

C) There are simply too many combinations of compatible styles and colors to stock them all.

Q: Is this kit compatible with crash bars/engine guards?

A: Yes! Our kit works with most crash bar systems. The Touratech bars do require slight modification to under headlight mounting bracket to clear the brake hoses.

Q: Can the stock brake hoses be retained to lower the cost of the kit?

A: We wish it was possible. The braided hoses account for over 50% of the kit's cost! We looked at several options for keeping the stock rubber hoses. Unfortunately, the routing and length of the hoses simply don’t work with the high fender.

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