Mini LED Voltmeter

Mini LED Voltmeter

$19.00 USD

Mini LED Voltmeter

A dead battery, flakey voltage regulator, or a fried stator can ruin your trip. Since many bikes don’t come with a voltmeter from the factory, often the first sign of trouble is a dead bike, leaving you stranded. 

Keep an eye on your charging system using one of our mini digital LED voltmeters. 

These units are less than 1.5” x 7/8” x 7/8” and can mount in a variety of locations. Water-resistant to an IPX4 level, they’re well suited to life on an ADV bike. Simply attach the black wire to a battery or frame ground and the red wire to a keyed +12V source and you’re all set.

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*MOTORCYCLE NOT INCLUDED* (Yup, apparently this footnote is required, we've had questions)

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