T7 High Fender Kit

$199.00 USD

Some people love the look of the factory low fender on the Yamaha 700 Tenere, not us, we much prefer the more aggressive look of the high supermoto style fender! Whether you like high fenders just for the look or because you don't want the front wheel balled up when riding in sticky mud, we have you covered! 

Our T7 high fender kit's crown jewel is the anodized billet aluminum fender adaptor/brake manifold. This piece looks killer and serves 2 important functions:

  • The T7's rad is very close to the front wheel so you can't simply bolt a fender to the four threaded holes on the bottom of the lower triple clamp. Even using a short supermoto fender, the back of the fender hits the bike's rad guard. Our bracket has an offset bolt pattern that moves the fender ahead so it clears the rad guard.
  • There is one front output fitting off the bike's ABS module but we have two brake calipers. Our bracket doubles as a 1-2 manifold to split the hose from the ABS module into 2 separate hoses; one to each caliper eliminating the dangerous stock over-the-front-wheel brake hose arrangement.

The best thing about the T7's factory low fender is that the upper section is bolted to the fork guards rather than being one big piece like seen on most other low fender-equipped bikes. This means we can simply remove the fender and retain the factory fork guards. This results in a lower-cost kit, easier installation, and a factory look!

Our kit also features three high-quality braided stainless-steel brake lines from Galfer; one of the industry's best brands! 

Your kit includes:

  • Anodized billet aluminum fender adaptor/brake manifold. 
  • High quality braided stainless-steel brake line and hardware from Galfer
  • Powdercoated aluminum fork guard cover plates
  • All required fasteners
  • Camel ADV decals

The fender itself is NOT INCLUDED! Why? Several reasons:

  • Shipping our kit without a fender is much more affordable for customers. Fenders are bulky and require a much larger shipping box than the conversion parts on their own. 
  • There are several styles and colors to choose from so it's difficult for us to stock all the options
  • We buy fenders at near retail prices. In most cases, our cost to purchase fenders is higher than our customers' local price.
  • All that being said, in the future, we may stock one fender style in a few colors just in case you really don't want to source your own.

Fender info:

Due to the short distance from the bike's triple clamp to the rad guard and the overall size of the factory fork guards, we recommend using one of the following fenders:

  • Acerbis Universal SuperMoto fender is the easiest to fit and it looks great. Available in Black (204039001), White (2040390002), Red (2040390227), and Blue (2040390211)
  • UFO Universal Supermoto is a good option too. 
  • Black (PA01029-001),White (PA01029-041), Red (PA01029-070) and Blue (PA01029-089)
  • Acerbis 2006-09 YZ/WR is a great choice if you're looking for a full-size fender. White (2040510002), Black (2040510001), Blue (2040510003

*International Customers: (outside the US and Canada)
All extra fees such as taxes, duties, tariffs, brokerage, etc are not included in the purchase price. Customers are wholly responsible for the payment of these fees!

*MOTORCYCLE NOT INCLUDED* (Yup, apparently this footnote is required, we've had questions)

*Red and Blue brackets have been discontinued as the black was making up over 90% of the sales of the kits.

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Installation Video:

Customer Reviews

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Great product


I installed it yesterday and love it. After the mess of the original, the bike looks and feels so much cleaner. The install was easy enough, the video was simple to follow and I didn't swear the whole time I was working on the bike (rare). The cables feel a little close to the wheel, but with all the connectors provided I'll trust camel that they'll stay in place. First ride this morning and everything felt great.

Another Super Kit

A hight quality kit to replace the stocker with a proper dirt bike fender. The stock fender probably would have been fine for my use. I changed it mostly for looks. I used the full sized motocross fender from Ascerbis. I had to trim the back to clear my Tusk crash bars and it doesn’t fit in between the fork leg guards so I trimmed about an inch off them. I will be adding the yamaha radiator guard as there is “paper thin” clearance with the stock one. That said, it looks like the badass dirtbike that it is now.


High quality and looks great, the bends on the brake lines were thought through and looked great!! Can't recommend enough

Matt Allain
High fender kit

The stock low fender can get easily clogged with mud and debris on a gumbo ride. After my front wheel completely stopped rotating, I vowed this would never happen again. I installed the high fender kit and low profile rad guard for fitment. Problem solved and looks good doing it. Quality kit!