T7 LED Flasher Relay

T7 LED Flasher Relay

$15.00 USD

When you change your bike's stock incandescent signal lights to LEDs, you have to install resistors or you get "hyper flash"... that annoying super fast signal flashing. Adding resistors can be annoying so thankfully there is another option!

You can swap your bike's flasher relay out and replace it with a flasher specifically made for use with LED signals. The install is quicker and easier than adding resistors to four signal lights and its cheaper too!

*You only require one flasher relay for all four signal lights in your bike*

Customer Reviews

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Luben Nanev
The fix

Works like a charm.
I only switched the rear signals but without it, it was Hyper flashing.

Fixed LED signals

Previous owner had moved the exhaust up without moving or shielding the original turn signals. When mine melted it was time for an upgrade. This relay had my new LED flashers working great.


Works great, easy to install

Great customer service

I will admit I have bought many, if not most of the Camel ADV line of products for my 2020 Tenere. Only because the products are well engineered, reasonably priced, and in line with how I want my bike to be. I had an issue with this turn signal relay, for some reason the right passenger turn signal was intermittent in its oporation. Exhausted all causes and boiled it down to a faulty relay. Contacted Camel ADV customer service and got an instant response. They offered to send me out a new relay free of charge! The new relay is functioning perfectly. Cannot say enough about this experience. Sadly Camel ADV seems to be in rare company these days in that they provide great products that are worth the money, and excellent customer service. Many other companies can learn from Camel ADV's business model!

Corey Baker

It works as stated with LED’s and installs easily.