Honda Africa Twin Windscreen Brace

$119.00 USD

Honda Africa Twin Windscreen Brace 
2016 - 2019 Honda Africa Twin (Standard and Adventure Sport models).
*Not compatible with the 2020-up CRF1100L*

The Problem:

Customers demand lighter weight bikes, especially in the ADV bike segment; manufacturers do their best to deliver. To keep the weight down, thinner gauge metals are often used and gussets can be few and far between. This can lead to parts that aren't up to the task. The Africa Twin's windscreen mounting bracket is one of these parts.

At the top of the Africa Twin's windscreen mounting bracket is a 13mm metal tube. It's well placed and perfectly sized to mount a GPS. Unfortunately, if you attach your navigation unit to this tube, you're likely to snap the welds on the frame. The replacement part is expensive and requires complete disassembly of the bike's front end.

The Solution:

After 8 versions and several months of testing, our frame brace is ready for prime time. It provides support to the bike's stock bracket to ensure it doesn't crack from metal fatigue when used on rough roads.

It's constructed of 13mm solid 6061 aluminum round stock and TIG-welded brackets and clamps. The assembly is powder coated for a great look now and well into the future. Designed for a GPS but strong enough for a full load of rally navigation gear too.

-Easy install

-No permanent modifications to your bike

-Strong and lightweight


*The standard Batzen windscreen adjuster is compatible with our brace but the Batzen adjuster with the built-in GPS mount is not*

*The amount of turning angle varies from bike to bike. If your bike has more angle, the bolts on your upper triple clamp may slightly contact the brace at full lock. This is not cause for concern*

*International Customers: (outside the US and Canada)
All extra fees such as taxes, duties, tariffs, brokerage, etc are not included in the purchase price. Customers are wholly responsible for the payment of these fees!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Conner VanSkiver
Great Mount

Absolute bear to install, but once it's on... Super sturdy and does allow lots of better mounting options for phones / GPS / TPMS units. Looks OEM as well so doesn't take away from the look.


Great support and construction! Take your time installing it for your own sanity

Ian Blackburn
Great customer support

Upon trying to install my brace I discovered a big problem in that the brace was about 2cm too long to fit my bike. Cory was very helpful in diagnosing the problem, in that the bracket on my bike had already been bent (I bought the bike used). He offered me a refund even though the problem was my bike and not his product. I declined as I still plan on fitting the brace once I conjure up a new bracket as it may help support my already bent OEM bracket. I really don't want to deal with that snapping.

Excellent customer service

I bought my Camel brace shortly after purchasing my motorcycle and installed it after few years it actually cracked when its mounted on the screws and my subframe also was broken in few locations. After fixing my subframe welding and reinforced I have contacted camel and got replacement brace at no charge. I only wish that the aluminum was welded at the bottom to reinforce the brace itself as being that thin I'm afraid it will brake again. But camel support and customer service is excellent.

Glen Rasmussen
Easy to install and looks great.

Looks good. Hope it works well. It was easy to install by pulling the rubber headlight part out.