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Yamaha WR250R WR250X Camel Tank auxiliary gas tank Yamaha WR250R WR250X Camel Tank auxiliary gas tank

Yamaha WR250R/X - Camel Tank (CT-WRR)

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WR250R/X Camel Tank

The Camel Tank is easy to install, factory looking fit, and convenient. Occupying the unused space between the rear tire and the pannier rack, the Camel Tank keeps the fuel weight low, balances out the weight of your exhaust systems on the opposite side, and leaves your rear rack free for a duffle bag or top box.

The WR250R’s fuel-injected motor is very good on fuel. Even a motor that sips fuel can only get so far on 2 gallons. With the new WR/X Camel Tank kit you’ll pick up 75% more range!

Whether you’re ripping in the desert with your buddies, exploring the backwoods near your home or on an around the world trip, more fuel range means less worrying about your next fuel stop and more enjoying the adventure!

The WR/X Camel Tank kit comes with everything required to mount it on your bike including a new lower profile aluminum chain guard. You do require a main tank gas cap with a 6mm or 1/4” barb on top (sold separately).

Our auxiliary tank kit will work with most aftermarket front-mounted fuel tanks as well (may require modification to tank plumbing).

This kit now includes a tethered fuel cap for the Camel Tank.

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*MOTORCYCLE NOT INCLUDED* (Yup, apparently this footnote is required, we've had questions)


"I have the Camel Tank on my 2008 WR250X which I am using as an adventure type bike. The Camel is a must-have addition for this purpose. My range has increased to a little over 300 km. The Camel allows me to keep the original look of the bike, it fits nicely at the rear of the bike, does not require extra space and looks good.

Very easy to install with high quality mounting hardware and the system works flawlessly. The Camel tank drains first so the low fuel light on the main tank still works as normal. I am extremely pleased with the quality and function of the Camel."

Dean K

"Really impressed with the Camel Tank, it works perfect so far and the quality in machining and materials is excellent. This now eliminates any refueling from a spare fuel can which would normally be mud-covered.

As well the CT extends the range on the wr250r by about 75% tested.

Great product."

Charles P

" I have had the Camel Tank on my wr250r for several months now. I found the installation to be very straight forward and took about an hour.

The build quality is actually extremely good, the parts are precise and fit perfectly. All the hardware that was needed was included and in separate bags. I love the anodized blue gas cap it complements the bike well.

Prior to the install, I was getting about 120 km till reserve on my wr250r. Now, I get about 320km to reserve and I'm extremely happy about that.

I like that I don't have to fill it if I'm just doing tight single track to keep the weight down, but when I do longer trips and most daily riding you just fill it up: all 6.1L of it. You can go all day, I love it.

It's very sturdy and I know it will stand up to crashes well. I like the black it looks great on the bike. It's quite neat the way it uses the vacuum of the tank to draw the fuel to the main tank. This means the Camel Tank empties before the main tank. It also becomes a rest for my dry bags like the other exhaust side, so I can strap my bags and they will stay put.

I'm pleased very pleased with this product. Well done Camel Tank! It is nice to see a small Canadian company making awesome products."

Jeff G

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