BMW R1200GS LC - Camel Tank (CT-GSW)

$399.00 USD

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Need more range out of your standard R1200GS LC but don’t want to switch to a GSA?

What started out as just playing around in the shop ended up as a very real product. We are now offering a 6 liter Camel Tank for the 2013 to current BMW R1200GS/A!

We've wanted to offer a tank for the new liquid cooled R1200 since it was introduced. Unfortunately, the vast majority of pannier racks fit so close to the bike that there was no really opportunity to design a tank of a reasonable size... until now.

We contacted Jesse Luggage Systems and they went to work designing the "Traveler" pannier system. This pannier system was created specifically to allow mounting a Camel Tank to the R1200GS LC and be able to run the legendary Jesse panniers!

No panniers, no problem! The R1200GSW Camel Tank kit is a stand alone system that can be run on bikes with no panniers at all or with rackless soft bags such as Mosko Moto's Reckless series, Giant Loop's Siskiyou set-up, or Endurostan Monsoon, etc.


"Since installing a Camel tank on my R1200gslc I have lost my 1200 Adventure envy because of larger fuel capacity. This is a real boon for the GS rider wanting the substantially lighter GS with real world fuel range.

The tank is for all intents when mounted invisible, meaning completely unobtrusive and I really like the lower c of g compared to the adventure. The tank fits perfectly under my Jesse pannier racks and is easy to fill, all and all a very tidy package so I really am happy with the product and the support of Camel Tank.

Side note on my bike and I'm sure the other 1200 lc's , when you fill both tanks it shows the normal range on dash but as you ride it grows until the rear tank empties and then it starts to drop. I enjoy doing the mental math every time I fill everything up calculating the range and milage!"

Patrick H

"When I chose the water boxer, I went with the R1200GS, not the GSA, as it felt too bulky, as compared to the R1200GS. The GS was nimble and easier to work. Now with the Camel Tank installed I am at about the same fuel range as the GSA, with lower center of gravity.

I had the Camel Tank on my F800GS, and am proud to have it as part of the water boxer exploration team. Awesome craftsmanship and ingenuity. It works as published, and does the job. No transfer pumps. Transparent operation. Fill it when you need it, and if you don't, you can't feel it on board. Simply awesome."


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