“I ordered a Camel Tank from ASpecs on Tuesday, received at home in France 2 days later! I installed it this afternoon on my 2010 GS with the Touratech panniers, and everything went like a breeze. Installation is well documented and took about 2 hours, the quality of the product is great AND everything works just fine - great job!!!
Jean-Luc, France

"EASY install. Took all of 45 minutes. Half of THAT was R&R pannier racks. VERY well engineered product, looks good, tucks in nicely, good instructions, very nicely done. My hat is off to Cory for a great concept, well executed."
Dean, Alaska

“I have at least 15k kms on my tank so far and LOVE it. It works as promised and now that I have my bike set up so comfortable for me, I can ride for hours and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about "where that road goes" off the beaten track. Around town, leave it empty and you forget it's there.”

“30 minute install. If all farkles were this easy and well thought out mechanics would go out of business and spend more time riding. Looks much better in person than it does in pics, it just balances out the back side. This is going to make the GL Siskiyou panniers an even better fit.”
Chet, Oregon

“This product is awesome, it truly is, the pictures for one do not do it justice! One thing I know is that a great photographer can make something that isn't beautiful look beautiful, but having this product in hand truly trumps any photos. Every component is highly refined, the billet gas cap is wonderful. As someone who has made a few things (novice at best) I know pride in one's work when I see it. Heck the directions are laser printed on nice paper! Packaging was amazing, and well protected which is truly needed for international shipping. I cannot comment on the items functionality but I have no doubt that it will perform wonderfully given the R&D and beta testing that occurred. This is truly a top notch product!”

“This thing is awesome, I just did a long drive this morning. Although it is only about 1.7 gallons more (that's what I got when I filled it up without getting too close to the top). That adds ~100 more miles of range, I had to stop to go the bathroom not get more gas today.”
Adam, Maryland

“Thanks for doing all it took to get this out on the market. I couldn't be happier with the new tank.”
Marty, Maryland

“Did a hundred miles through the desert today, and the tank is simply fantastic....”
Erling, Texas

“Fuel stops are such a pain but now it's far closer to being a perfect bike - for me. Comfort seat and Camel tank - my top two best things I ever did to my bike.”

“Light and discreet, it won't be noticed when not needed. Self priming and works simply, no pump or wiring. KISS! Having my bike set up perfect for me, I can now ride for hours without the worry of finding a gas station. More miles per day. With properly balanced cases, I hit the twisties with both tanks full no prob. It's a loaded GS, not a street bike so it handles fine for what it is. Installed in mostly useless space down low, not like a Rotopax etc.”

“I've got 10 K kms on my camel tank now and absolutely love it!!!!!”
Darryl, Ontario

“Installed mine last week and it installs and works perfectly!! As a bonus I'm running Giant Loop Siskiyou soft panniers w/o a rack system, the Camel Tank provides support to the pannier on the right side of the bike as the heat shielded silencer does on the left. Great system.”
John, New Mexico