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T7 BRP “Pro-Line” Chain Guide And Mounting Bracket

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The Billet Racing Product Pro-Line Chain Guide offers increased Strength, superior durability and improved performance in comparison to OEM and other aftermarket chain guides.

The BRP Pro-Line Chain Guides are CAD designed and CNC machined using UHMW-PE polymer material. Thanks to its extremely low coefficient to friction, outstanding abrasion resistance, exceptional impact resistance, and self-lubricating properties, UHMW-PE can absorb a hit without bending, resulting in a much more durable chain guide than OEM or other aluminum chain guides.

The benefits of a BRP Frictionless (Polymer) Chain Guide:

  • Exceptional impact durability
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Less drag increases horsepower
  • Limited 1 year replacement warranty against wear or breakage

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