Honda CRF250L (2013-2016) - Camel Tank (CT-250L)

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The Camel Tank idea was conceived during my around the world motorcycle trip while I was riding through the deserts of Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Filling up with questionable looking gas out of pop bottles sold on the road side was less than ideal to say the least. My riding partners had bigger tanks or bikes that got much better fuel mileage. I was always the guy in the group that was low on fuel and it was frustrating and inconvenient.

Enter Camel Tank! Easy to install, factory looking fit, and just fill with gas when you fill your main tank. Occupying the unused space between the rear tire and the pannier rack, the Camel Tank keeps the fuel weight low, balances out the weight of you exhaust systems on the opposite side and leaves your rear rack free for a duffle bag.

Although the CRF250L gets fantastic gas mileage, the stock 7.7L tank can only get you so far! The Camel Tank adds 6 liters (1.58gal) to your CRF's stock fuel capacity for an impressive total of 13.7L (3.6gal)! With 80% more fuel range you’ll be able to commute a few extra days between fills, explore those intriguing backroads without worrying if you’ll have enough gas to get back or just stop less on your road trip. Works with larger aftermarket front tanks too! Easy install with no cutting or drilling required. Camel Tank, Adventure Extended!

*The 2017 CRF250L and 250L Rally have a few changes from 2013-2016 model requiring some changes to our tank kit. Watch here for updates! 


CT-250L Fits With These Pannier Systems:

The CRF 250L auxiliary fuel tank kit is intended to be used with rackless soft luggage such as Giant Loop and Mosko Moto Reckless systems.

Please note that you will not be able to use the factory helmet lock or rear storage box with the tank installed.


  • holds 6 litres/1.5 gallons
  • does not require a fuel pump for transfer
  • does not require drilling of factory fuel tank
  • will not interfere with a top box or duffle bag

USA and Canada: FREE when you select the tethered fuel cap option. $25 w/std cap.
International: $75. (Most countries). 

"CT is the answer to my range anxiety. Easy to install and well designed. I like the way it empties first before the fuel gauge starts to go down. Does not impede the use of soft bags. Looks great too!"
Graham S

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