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Camel ADV Harley Davidson Pan America Gut Guard Skid Plate

Pan America Gut Guard Skid Plate - Coming Soon!

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Camel ADV Gut Guard skid plates, designed, built and tested in the rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains!

The Pan America is a big, beefy bike and it needs a big, beefy skid plate to protect it. If you're going to take this bad boy off the beaten path, you better plate up!

 Like many new bikes, the Harley-Davidson Pan America uses the motor as a "stressed member". The motor itself is an integral part of the motorcycle's chassis.

On the Pan America, many components that would normally be mounted to frame work under the motor are attached to the motor itself (rear suspension linkage, side stand, skid plate etc). This creates a challenge when designing a skid plate to protect the underside of the motor from damage caused by rocks, stumps, logs etc. A skid plate can simply be mounted directly to the motor but the force from a solid impact is transferred into the engine case. This can cause a cracked engine case which can be a very expensive and lengthy repair.

We've spent a lot of time designing and testing our Pan America Gut Guard skid plate to insure it can take the big hits without damaging the engine case.

More details to come!


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