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BMW R1200GS R1250GS Camel TOW Wheel Winch ADV BMW R1200GS R1250GS Camel TOW Wheel Winch ADV

R1200GS Camel Tow Recovery System

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The R1200GS is a great bike but like all ADV bikes, heavy. When you get a 550-600lb bike stuck, it's a hassle to get it out. Our Camel Tow rear-wheel winch makes quick work of that problem! 

Easy to pack, quick to deploy and simple to use, the Camel Tow has enough power to get your R1200/1250GS(A) out of the sand, mud or up and out of a ditch. No waiting for help to arrive and no leaving your bike behind and walking out to civilization.

Using the bike's rear wheel to spin a small winch drum, the bike is pulled forward and through the obstacle as the winch's 45' of synthetic line (rated at 6500lbs) is rolled onto the light-weight aluminum drum. The drum is driven off of special high tensile lug-nuts and a UHMW drive wheel. The drive wheel is durable enough to get the job done but acts as a fuse to protect the bike's final drive.

Keep exploring with the confidence that comes with knowing you've got a Camel Tow in your pannier.

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