Yamaha WR250R/X and R1200GS LC tank presales!

Posted on August 23 2016

We are very happy to announce the pre-sale of two new Camel Tank kits! 

Our CT-WRR kit adds a whooping 75% to the range of your Yamaha WR250R or X! it can be used in conjunction with a larger front tank as well to really boost your capacity (and fun).

Need more range from your BMW R1200GSW but don't want to sell your GS and buy a GSA? We've got you covered! This kit was designed specifically to work with the new Jesse Luggage Traveller system
. Now you can run legendary Jesse Luggage AND a Camel Tank! This kit will also work as a stand along system or can berun with Happy Trail panniers as well. 


WR250R Camel TankBMW R1200GS LC Camel Tank

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